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Top Rules to Follow During Bathroom Remodel

You will be surprised to learn that the smallest renovation projects can turn out to be disastrous and cause headaches. For instance, the bathroom can account for a minute percentage of your home’s square footage, but the labor required and cost involved can make the process painful to undertake. Follow these tips for a calm, cool bathroom remodeling.

Plan the Project

Before you start anything, create a detailed list of what you want to be done. That will ensure that from the tile grout to the baseboard trim, you know all tasks that can be completed. Also, your potential contractors can understand the nature of work by providing estimates.

Create a Budget

It does not matter whether you have hired a professional remodeling company or not; it is your duty to manage your budget and check where the money is spent. Usually, homeowners should concern themselves with the cost of materials, but you should not ask any questions about shipping, installation, permitting costs, and delivery. After finalizing your wishlist, you can write down all the associated costs and ensure the expected costs that fit within the budget.

Set a Schedule

You should create a work-back schedule that keeps track of the delivery dates, holidays, and subcontractor workdays. The schedule ensures that you do not make scheduling errors such as the tile installer showing up late. If you are planning to do most of the work, having an idea of the expected time frame for completion helps to keep you on track and motivated.

Avoid DIY

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned DIY or not; there are various remodeling tasks that you should not do. For instance, removing asbestos, lead paint and load-bearing walls should not be done by the unlicensed or untrained worker. Although a homeowner can replace the toilet or even upgrade light fixtures, working with complex electrical systems and plumbing ought to be done by an expert who understands the required building codes.

Design for Efficiency

Choosing fixtures and appliances that promote water conservation and energy efficiency are ideal for the wallet and planet. The truth is that replacing the old fixtures such as toilets with the newer models can save you a lot of water each month. Ensure you choose windows that are energy-efficient to reduce your cooling and heating costs.

Keep Resale in Mind

When it comes to selling your home, neutral colors are a winner. It is the best place for the homeowners to envision their style and create a room easy to stage. It is also a good idea to visit houses for sale that are similar to yours and check the type of bathroom upgrades that have been done.